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Belly of the Sun offers a handcrafted and artisanal line of botanical ghee creations. With 6 well-balanced blends that are both nourishing + unique, we honor the merging of ancient traditions with modern needs in order to help us thrive into the future.

Ghee has a rich history of use in the Ayurvedic tradition of healing originating in India. It is revered as a perfect carrier for deeply receiving the benefits of our mushroom and plant allies, making whatever it is paired with more bioavailable. The base for each blend is extra clarified butter, handcrafted on an open flame per tradition, ensuring the removal of milk solids. Thus, the final product is free of lactose and casein, it's shelf stable and beyond delicious with a rich, caramel flavor.

Made from a local (northern CA) source of USDA-certified organic + cultured butter, generously shared from pasture-raised cows.

SAVOUR | immunity, digestive support, remembrance 

A well-rounded + umami-flavored blend for cooking that truly enhances any recipe. Savour is an apt reminder that even common ingredients can be beloved staples in one's kitchen apothecary. Shiitake mushroom offers robust functional support, including for immune strength (as an immunomodulator) and as a source of B vitamins, supporting the replenishment of our energy reserves. Shiitake is furthermore adaptogenic and can assist our bodies in digesting our experiences, including stress. Garlic has been utilized since ancient times as a talisman with rich folklore surrounding this food/herb as being protective against negative energy; indeed, garlic has antimicrobial properties. Lemon peel contains concentrated amounts of the nutrients in lemon juice, including vitamins C + A, calcium, folate + magnesium. Like shiitake and garlic, lemon peel helps treat oxidative stress due to the antioxidant contents of these ingredients. “Rosemary for remembrance,” as they say! This prevalent herb has a long history of use in herbal medicine for enhancing memory, as well as helping to ease headaches and relieving flatulent indigestion (carminative action).

Ingredients: handcrafted ghee,* shiitake mushroom,* garlic,* lemon peel,* rosemary* (*organic)

With a smoke point of over 450,* it's perfect for sauteing, roasting veggies, frying eggs, in soup/broth, in bread recipes, and more!

INNER BEAUTY | blood-nourishing, beautifying, antioxidant-rich, heart chakra 

This blend celebrates the age-old adage that beauty is generated from within and offers a lightly sweet + floral flavor profile, with a gentle sour tang from the hibiscus. Native to China, he shou wu is an ancient longevity adaptogenic + tonic herb, revered for its anti-aging and beautifying properties. In traditional Chinese Medicine, he shou wu is traditionally applied to nourish the blood, liver and kidneys, making it supportive to the health of hair, skin, and Jing (life force energy). Hibiscus also supports the function of the kidneys, as well as that of the female reproductive system, and is another supporting ingredient for healthy hair + skin. Rose, a timeless symbol of love and beauty, holds the highest vibration of any plant, and helps us to do the same, in part by encouraging a more open heart center that still feels protected (by the thorns). Our raw tualang tree honey is a wild, polyfloral honey sustainably harvested from deep within the biodiverse rainforest of Indonesia and is rich in antioxidants, just like every botanical in this blend, which help protect cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

Ingredients: handcrafted ghee,* rose,* he shou wu, hibiscus,* raw tualang tree honey

Try it on toast, blended into coffee/hot tonics, as frosting, or by the spoon!

DOPE + SHROOMY COCOA | adaptogenic, mood, immune support, pleasure, cognition 

Loaded with adaptogens! This special category of herbs can help harmonize the body’s reaction to emotional, physical and mental stress, with targeted, individualized responses to what a body needs in order to help restore balance. The medicinal mushrooms in this formula are all adaptogens with immunomodulating properties, i.e. they support the cultivation of our immune system’s resilience over the long-term. Mucuna pruriens is revered as a neuro-protective (protecting to nerve cells) and nootropic (cognitive support) herb. Also referred to as the “dopamine bean,” mucuna contains natural L-DOPA, which passes the blood-brain barrier and converts to dopamine, helping our bodies to release more of the “happiness hormone” that connects us to our pleasure centers. Cacao has the capacity to bring us into our heart centers and a state of more present awareness, acting as both a gentle stimulant (energy/focus) + promoter of physical relaxation. Cacao is also known as a mood-enhancer that connects us to our experience of pleasure.

Ingredients: handcrafted ghee,* cacao,* mucuna pruriens,* 5 dual-extracted mushrooms:* reishi, chaga, lions mane, turkey tail + cordyceps, and raw local honey (*organic)

With a flavor profile that is rich + chocolatey and earthy, try it on toast, blended into your coffee/hot tonic, as frosting, or simply enjoy by the spoon!

GOLDEN GHEE | vitality, immunity, liver support 

Simple but powerful, our most versatile blend will become a staple in your pantry as it crosses boundaries between sweet + savory uses and delivers purpose to anything you pair it with! Turmeric has been a plant ally to humans all around the world since ancient times. Traditionally, turmeric is used in herbal medicine as a liver protectant and as an anti-inflammatory to help relieve joint pain. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), turmeric is enlisted to eliminate blood stasis, promote the flow of qi, and relieve pain of menstruation caused by blood stasis. Turmeric has also been traditionally used in Ayurveda to relieve pain and inflammation. The widely-acclaimed benefits of turmeric are enhanced by black pepper, which activates the curcumin in turmeric. The constituents of turmeric are made further bioavailable by the healthy fat that is ghee and its butyric acid content, which carry nutrients deep into the bodily tissues, enhancing absorption. Our sources matter! We source the most curcumin-rich turmeric we could find (more than double the potency of that which is found in grocery stores!) from a pristine island in Fiji, where it is grown in nutrient rich soil naturally treated by eroding volcanic rock, so it’s rich in beneficial trace minerals. Tropical rains are the sole source of irrigation.

Ingredients: handcrafted ghee,* turmeric* + black pepper* (*organic)

Try it blended into your coffee/hot elixir, for sauteing or roasting, upgrade your rice dishes, add to baked goods, use as a base for the golden milk of your dreams, or simply spread on toast!

LAND + SEA WEEDS | mineral-rich, nourishing, grounding 

A savory blend to easily enhance your recipes, it has an earthy flavor profile with a hint of pungency from the ginger, balanced by the rich taste of onion. Stinging nettle and dulse are both mineral-rich weeds of the land + sea, respectively; minerals are regenerative to the body’s cells, awakening enzymes and nourishing the tissues. Stinging nettle has been traditionally revered in herbal medicine as a nutritive tonic, to help relieve seasonal allergy symptoms, and to help relieve rheumatic complaints. Energetically, nettles offer a grounding and centering quality with their deep + wild nourishment (which in modern times people often lack) and are also adaptogenic. Interestingly, when there is wounded earth or toxicity in the soil, nettle is one of the first plants that will appear to remediate, bringing vitality back to the land; this speaks to the benefits nettle can impart to humans, too. Dulse is a nutrient-rich sea vegetable/ancient red algae that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that support our bone health, and is another wild food that connects us to the vastness of the ocean’s primordial magic. Ginger is classified as a pungent herb in TCM, which makes it an ally for assimilating food and stimulating digestion. Onion, while extremely common, has been a food medicine and flavor enhancer for people since ancient times, and, much like garlic, was said to ward off evil energy (perhaps microbes, as well).

Ingredients: handcrafted ghee,* stinging nettle,* dulse,* ginger,* onion*  (*organic)

With a smoke point of over 450,* try it for sauteing, roasting veggies, frying eggs, in soup/broth, in your meat dishes, in bread recipes, and more!

KAVA MOON | moon-time support, aphrodisiac, relaxing 

Featuring mostly plant allies with a strong affinity to the sacral + heart chakras, this blend was formulated as an ally during womens' sacred moon time, relieving cramps, helping us drop into our heart centers, and getting things moving along in the inner realms. Kava kava is a consciousness-shifting root long-revered in many island cultures of the Pacific, where it is historically + currently alchemized into a drink imbibed for ceremonial purposes (even for conflict resolution!). The root is traditionally prepared by chewing and then mixing with coconut cream/milk (i.e. healthy fat activation!) and elicits a superficial numbing sensation, soothing frazzled nerves, allowing us to sink deep into a restorative place, even activating a delta brain wave state. Due to its muscle relaxing and analgesic properties, kava is a prime ally for women while bleeding, but can assist in many instances for pain relief.

Ingredients: handcrafted ghee,* kava,* ginger,* raw local honey, cinnamon,* vanilla*
With a flavor profile that could be described as a "dirty" chai - sweet + warming with an earthy + slightly pungent flavor - try it on toast, blended into your coffee/hot chocolate, as frosting, or simply enjoy by the spoon!

12 oz glass jar

Enjoy within 3 months of opening when stored in a cool, dark place.

Sheerlie, the human behind Belly of the Sun, is a folk herbalist by training and years of practice. Her own healing journey led her to study original medicine and she believes wholeheartedly in the power of invoking healing through nourishment.

Crafted with organic ingredients + love in the Sierra Nevada foothills of CA (unceded
Nisenan territory).