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The story of the ancient Hawaiian princess, Naupaka, had fallen in love with a commoner named Kaui. Naupaka was forbidden to marry anyone who was not of noble birth and was overwhelmingly saddened.

In a desperate search for an answer to their dilemma, Naupaka and Kaui ventured far off to a temple in the mountains to gain wisdom from a shaman, known in Hawaii as a kahuna. After hearing about their problem, even the kahuna had no solution for them, but he advised them to pray at the temple.

When no answers came, deep sadness descended on the couple. Princess Naupaka removed the flower she wore in her hair and tore it, giving one half to Kaui. She told him that since it was clear that the gods didn’t sanction their union, he should go live near the sea while she would remain living in the mountains.

As the two lovers went their separate ways with broken hearts, the naupaka plants saw their deep sorrow and the next day, they bloomed with only half flowers. To this day, naupaka plants grow near the beach or in the mountains and still produce only half flowers.

All beaded earrings are hand sewn with a needle and thread. Made with Czech and Japanese glass beads, and hand carved lost-wax casting in solid sterling silver or recycled brass with 14k gold plating.


Bri Bol is a traveling artist and designer based in Santa Cruz, CA. Her work focuses on abstract mountain landscapes and textiles, inspired by her love of the outdoors and adventure. She started beading on a surf trip to Baja as a way to stay creative while on the road. Jewelry has since become the perfect medium to combine her passion for art, adventure, and beauty while being on the move.
The beautiful patterns you see in her metal work are all topo reliefs from maps of some of her favorite wild places: the Grand Canyon, the High Sierra, the Wasatch Mountains, Sequoia National Forest and Squamish. She hand makes every piece -- from hammering the ear wires, to sewing the bead work with a needle and thread, to drawing and hand cutting each metal topo piece, leaving each one of a kind.
All materials are all selected consciously, supporting the environment, community, and human stories. Metals are made in the US, and the metal beads are all fair-trade African trade, many of which date back to the 1800’s. Glass beads are Japanese and Czech. Other statement beads are hand picked and ethically sourced. When Bri's not creating jewelry you can find her gathering inspiration from outdoor adventures and rock climbing, usually in overalls.