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| BREU RESIN | The Breu Resin is extracted from the Almacega tree in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Known as "Breuzinho" or "White Breu", the resin is used in healing rituals, to war off evil spirits and create good energy. It also contains a property that causes regression experiences and conscious dreams in ritualistic use.
Ingredients: Pulverized Breu Resin and Vegetable Charcoal.

| CHACRONA & JAGUBE | Psychotria viridis, Chacrona leaf and Banosteriopsis caapi, Jagube vine, together are the fundamental ingredients preparing the sacramental entheogenic drink Ayahuasca.
We are humbled, in coordination with the rituals of Feitio (Making), to add the offscourings, customarily offered back to the soil, into this special blend of Breu Resin incense.
Ingredients: Pulverized Chacrona leaves, pulverized Jagube vine, pulverized Breu Resin and Vegetable Charcoal.

| WHITE SAGE | The White Sage ( Salvia apiana) is an evergreen perennial shrub native to the southwestern United States and northwest Mexico. White Sage is widely used by Pacific Coast Native American groups, its leaves are smudge in many smoke-based purification rituals.
Ingredients: Pulverized White Sage leaves, pulverized Breu Resin and Vegetable Charcoal.

| PALO SANTO | The Andean native Bursera graveolens tree naturally produces aromatic hypoallergenic resin that grows in concentration with age. Its value was clear from the first discovery of Palo Santo lasting torchlight and beautiful scent. The Bursera tree lives for 40 to 90 years, after death, the wood matures on the ground up to 10 years until it's consecrated as "Sacred Wood'' from Spanish Palo Santo. By respecting the natural cycle, we ensure the highest quality hand-chosen wood.
Ingredients: Pulverized Palo Santo wood, Pulverized Breu Resin and Vegetable Charcoal.

Box includes 9 incense sticks, each stick burning up to 2.5 hours.
Burn on an incense holder or fire-resistant surface.

Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship

A social business experiment that uses the profits from its productions to enable purposeful commerce of indigenous artisanship and heritage. Beginning as a simple sidewalk-table venture, the organization has evolved into a multi-national grassroots organization committed to social innovation.

Ensuring fair trade practice from sourcing to fulfillment, Incausa coordinates with artisanal productions of Breu Resin, Palo Santo, White Sage and Ayahuaska incense in Brazil and Peru. 

Partnering with Indigenous cause leaderships and projects developing non-profit trade posts and market placement it uses social entrepreneurship to reignite indigenous heritage, uplifting cultural values and building sustainable opportunities.